Wind generates ‘140% of Denmark’s power needs’

Wind generates ‘140% of Denmark’s power needs’



Wind generates ‘140% of Denmark’s power needs’

An unusually windy day in Denmark meant the country produced 140% of its electricity needs from wind farms alone, according to reports.

By Thursday evening last week, the Nordic nation’s wind turbines were producing 116% of its power demand, a figure which rose to 140% in the early hours of the morning.

Reports claimed 80% of the surplus power was shared between Germany and Norway, with Sweden taking the 20% left over.

The figures were noticed by engirgenet.dk, a site which shows the power output of Denmark’s wind farms in real-time.

Oliver Joy, spokesman for the European Wind Energy Association, told a news outlet: “It shows that a world powered 100% by renewable energy is no fantasy.”

It is estimated Denmark could be producing half of its energy from renewables before 2020.

The government aims to produce 84% of Denmark’s electricity needs through wind power by 2035.

Wind power is said to be responsible for 29% of the electricity generated in the country.

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