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Future Transportation Technology



Future Transportation Technology

What do you know about Future Transportation Technology? When people think about trains in the past century they remember the train that uses coal to generate steam power this kind of trains used to be generated by large amounts of coal which makes a source of fossil fuels run out soon but it is not the only problem as the coal is very dangerous on our environment, when it interacts with the air it produces carbon oxide that is very dangerous for the living objects and plants.


By time and with the discovery of Oil and the natural gas the use of coal in powering trains decreased until they stopped using it, and replaced it with oil and gasoline which looked cleaner at that time but it is still harmful for the environment not to mention that it is more important to use it in industry thus, scientists started thinking about using clean and natural sources to energize trains, they even thought about generating energy from the movement of trains.

travel with lightning speed , go travel all over the world in 25 minutes but , the problem about trains that they decelerated at curves because of centrifugal force and to solve this problem Japan created away to make trains lean at the curves by launching the N700 that consists of carriages each one lean at the curve using aero spring system keeping the speed of the train as it moves on a straight railway, the N700 doesn’t only use clean energy it generates energy, when it decelerates it produces electricity to be used by other train.

Another idea about future trains appeared to rely on solar energy using solar manners connected to the rail way of the trains and they are not really trains, they are separated carriages and they are very stable as passengers could stay stand along the journey this method is a very astonishing idea to solve the infrastructure problem as the train carriages are heavy, in addition the railway of these carriages can produce energy for your city. Other source of clean energy for trains is garbage using bio-waste to produce hydrogen by separating it from oxygen and use the extracted hydrogen as a source of energy.

  • 08.10


    An Israeli startup based in Rishon LeZion has created a portable machine that can literally create drinking water out of thin air. The company used their patented heat exchanger system known as GENius™ to dehumidify the air and extract water.

  • 31.03


    Giancarlo Zema, an Italian architect, has come up with a floating eco-friendly solar powered home by the name of the WaterNest 100.

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