Energy audit - a comprehensive technical inspection of the object, which allows evaluating the energy efficiency potential and proposing a plan for the implementation of measures to improve energy efficiency in the facility.

When energy audit in the first place address the issue of energy conservation. In analyzing the problem, our engineers are considering each segment of the existing system, trying to offer customer best solutions for real energy savings with fast payback.

 The energy audit need:

• Industrial plants

• Malls

• Office buildings

• Schools and dormitories

• Objects of national importance

• Private households

• Business entities

As a rule managers large commercial and industrial real estate, are not even aware of the fact that the huge bills for heat or electricity actually can be reduced without involving huge investments. Today, an energy audit is a very convenient service that allows you to assess the real situation on the site, reduce energy costs, raise additional funds for the possible reconstruction, and finally get a report, which is essentially a project document for the optimization of the company or any property.

Types of energy audits:

• Quick audit

• Comprehensive audit

- Quick Audit determine the general directions for energy conservation. Specialists from Advansys team visually inspect the object and collected the required information for the preparation of a report, which is issued at the hands of the customer.

-Comprehensive Audit provides a detailed energy audit, can detect and fix problems improper operation of equipment, modernization of the existing power supply system, the introduction of renewable energy sources, the use of a scientific approach to modeling the future work of the object. The result of the customer receives a report on energy audit, that allows to carry out reconstruction in stages, according to the existing budget.

Depending on the scope of the audit, Advansys engineers examined:

• Power supply systems

• Low-voltage cable systems

• Lighting

• Automation Systems

• Ventilation and air conditioning

• Heating systems

• Special equipment

Throughout site survey, auditor uses specialized equipment that shows the real state of affairs in the temperature measurement, liquid level, light, humidity, noise, air flow rates, etc.

In the process, experts Advansys prompt how to improve the energy efficiency of your process units, to reduce losses in electric networks and to automate the control of energy use. Investments in energy efficiency today is a serious profit in the near future.

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