Birthday of Advansys

Birthday of Advansys



Birthday of Advansys

On 14 September 2016 the company “Advansys” celebrated 6 years of successful work on the market of commercial and residential real estate. During this time, our team took part in the realization of dozens unique and interesting objects all over the country.

Business history of   “Advansys” began in autumn 2010, when a small group of specialists with diverse experience in MEP systems , founded the company that originally worked with structured cabling systems and power supply systems. Gradually, the company opened the direction of safety systems, and the first major projects of video surveillance, monitoring and protective signaling systems were implemented. Afterward, it was organized the direction of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, after a while - the automation department and the direction of energy efficient solutions. Over this period “Advansys” doesn’t rest  on  laurels and continue opening new directions for their Customers.

Currently we offer a full range of advanced engineering solutions for construction projects.

Every year we try to increase the scale of executed objects because they trust us.

Along with the implementation of complex engineering projects, we have set ourselves the strategic objectives that allow us to provide solutions focusing on energy efficiency and the use of alternative energy.

And all this became possible due to our friendly and efficient team.

We are proud of every co-worker of our company.

And also thank all our customers and partners for effective and mutually beneficial cooperation during all these years!




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